AdaBel Yoga

I am a founder of Ada Yoga Retreats concept, organizing Yoga Retreats mainly in Bali where I am based, during the winter season, and Europe during the Summertime.
I am traveling Yoga teacher, conscious movement facilitator and the singing circles organizer. 
As I was practicing various schools, starting with Bikram Yoga, than Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and in the end Hatha Yoga, all around the world, from US, UAE, Italy, Austria, France, India, Spain, Turkey, Serbia etc. > my classes today are representing beautiful concept, specific mixture of those schools, as all of them left a significant sign on my Yoga practice.
 My classes are always starting with the Pranayamas, stimulating and balancing Ida and  Pingala nadi, following with starting Pranayama practice from Bikram Yoga school, than we flow into Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutations (Ashtanga Yoga style), where we are following mostly Bikram Yoga asanas flow, and finishing with famous Hatha Yoga asanas staying in the postures longer.
I am gladly using vocal activation and the conscious movement practice before ending the practice with Yoga NIdra, and short ending element of Reiki meditations.
 Facebook: Ada Bel
Instagram: adabelyoga